How to connect my Lexmark wireless printer without any CD?

Lexmark has created innovative and amazing solutions and technologies. You can have sharp graphics and clear lettering for your brochures, documents, and other reports. How to connect Lexmark wireless printer without CD? It is not that you can only set up and install your Lexmark printer using a CD provided by the company, along with the product. You can set up your Lexmark printer even without the CD. For this, you should have the username and password of your WIFI network.

If the wireless access point of your home is uses private security which is equivalent to a wired network, then the WEP encryption should be 10 to 26 hexadecimal character. First of all, you should complete the initial setup process, and then connect your Lexmark Printer Driver without CD.

Quick Steps- Connect the Lexmark printer to WIFI without CD

  1. On your computer, you should select the “Start button”. Go to the search bar and type printers and network into the search bar.
  2. When the printer network window appears, scroll down and go to the printer. Right-click on the option “Lexmark Printers Anywhere”
  3. As you see the pop-up window, scroll down and tap the connect button.
  4. Click on Start, and then select the devices & printers menu to set your Lexmark Printer as default.
  5. You will be able to see a list of printers that are associated with your computer device. You need to select your device from the appeared list.
  6. Right-click on the respective device and scroll down. Now, you have to tap on the option “Set as Default Printer.”
  7. The printer screen opens after locating the Lexmark printer.

Just go through the on-screen instruction to complete the setup process

How to connect my Lexmark wireless printer without any CD?

Let’s know more about how to connect the Lexmark Printer to WIFI without CD

Step One: – First of all, locate the taskbar on your PC through the taskbar. Look for the network option on the search bar, and the printer appears within a few seconds. Move your cursor or the pointer over the option ‘Lexmark Print Anywhere, and right-tap on it. As a pop-up box appears, scroll down and tap on the connect option.

Step Two: – You can set up your Lexmark Printer anywhere on your system as the default printer. For that, you should tap on the taskbar and get the ‘Devices and printer Menu’.

Step three: –The Devices & Printers window displays a list of devices and a printer that is already associated with your computer. Hit the option “Lexmark Print Anywhere”, right tap on it, come down, and click ‘Set as Default Printer.

Step Four: – If you are able to see a green checkmark right next to the printer that means the printer denotes that it’s set as a default printer. Once you submit your file to print in the default mode, then the printer can directly send document. The print job, that is performed by the “Print anywhere application” helps you to connect your Lexmark printer to the WIFI without using any CD.

Step Five: – Now, if you want to retrieve your document, visit the manufacturer site and log in to print your documents. Once you are done with the setup process of the peripheral, the printer screen will appear on your screen. Go into the “Print Anywhere application and click the picture to have a print of your report. You will see a pop-up on your screen to enter the user ID. After that, press the enter key.

Step Six: – You need to select the username, input the password, and then click the Next. The screen will now provide you a list of other document that you have sent to the printer and are waiting to be printed. Select the text that you want to write by touching the box given next to the documents. Now, go to the bottom left corner of the screen and select the option print.

Step seven: – When your documents start printing, they will be automatically deleted from the printing list. There is another method that you may use to print your documents that is the “Lexmark Printer Driver“. You can download the driver from the manufacturer’s site. You have to search for a web browser on your computer to associate your Lexmark printer without using any CD.

Step Eight: – Go to the homepage of your developer’s website. Navigate the search bar of the developer’s site to “Drivers & Downloads”. For your operating system, you have to select the peripheral driver and the printer. To download and install the driver along with the printer software you should follow the on-screen dialogues step by step.

Step Nine: – If you have a Mac OS device and want to connect your Lexmark printer, then follow the entire step describe in the forth description. Your Printer might have shipped with an installation software CD that you have to insert on your Mac device. Wait for the welcome screen. If it does not appear, click on the CD icon given on the display board.

Step 10: – Double-tap the install key and follow the on-screen instructions. By follow the on-screen instruction you can complete the printer setup process. Now your Lexmark printer will be connect to the WIFI without a CD. If you have any other device like Window XP and earlier OS version, then put the CD into the device and wait for a welcome screen to pop up on your device screen. Now follow the options as mentioned ahead;

Start>Run>Type D:setup.exe

Here D stands for the CD or DVD drive. To complete the Lexmark Printer setup process be with the on-screen instructions on the welcome screen.

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