How do I fix my Lexmark printer problem?

When we talk about technical machine or software, they cannot work flawlessly, whenever we use it, we face some issue and because of that only their feature gets updated. So, if you are facing any issues while working with Lexmark Printer, then there is no need to get worried. You are not the one who is facing issues while working with Lexmark printer, so many consumers face the same issue or the different one while using that printer. As we already know every problem come up with a solution so, Lexmark support is here to help you out how to tackle Lexmark printer issues:

Here you will find the whole list of errors which get occurred in Lexmark printer and can solve by Lexmark Support portal instruction and through Lexmark Support team or by following the steps which we had mentioned below:

Lexmark Printer

Have a look on the list of Lexmark Printer Errors with their Lexmark Support Solutions:

  • Lexmark Printer Error: “Documents Failed to Print” “Error 1203”

Lexmark Printer have most common issue is that Documents failed to print, it’s no more responding the printing request. If your printer is not printing, there may have many issues such as ‘communication failure’, ‘printing failure’ and the Lexmark Printer shows the message “Communication not available” or “Printing is not available” or maybe it will not display any message.

To Troubleshoot that Lexmark Printer issue, Follow Lexmark support instructions:

1)Make sure that the computer and Lexmark Printer connected with network

2)Restart your printer, Sometime the restart button may fix the issues

3) Check either any paper is stuck in the printer or not and toner is installed successfully or not. If all seems good then leave the printer in off-mode for 2 minutes and then turn-on and resume the print work.

4) One more method suggested by Lexmark Support is once uninstall and again install the printer driver in system. That will help to re-establish the connection between the printer driver and your system.

5) Update printer drivers, and check if your printer is set up correctly.

If the printer still not working properly, then you may find the answer in Lexmark Support Manual page.

Best Links are :


lexmark printer machine
  • Lexmark Printer Error: “Error 200” or “Error 200.xx” or “Paper Jam” or “Error 241.06”

 Error 200 or 200.xx indicates the paper jam error at frontside of your printer. Messages Displayed like : “Paper Jam” or “Paper jammed under the toner cartridge” or “Paper is jammed in the front of the printer”.

For to get rid of Error 200 or 200.xx or Paper Jam or Error 241.06 Lexmark support suggested these following steps:

1)First of all, user should have to start the process with remove the tray and then they can easily find either any paper is jammed in the printer machine or not, if its there can remove it easily

2)Next thing which needs to do is open the front cover tray and then you can simply remove the toner cartridge assembly

3)Remove the paper from front side of printer and reinstall the toner                 cartridge and close the front cover

Best Link by Lexmark Support for Error 200, 241.06, 200.xx, Paper Jam:

  • Lexmark Printer Error: “Error 920.06” or “Service Fuser Error”

Message Display: “Service Fuser Error” If any one of the error codes 920, 921, 922, 923, 924, or 925 will occurs then according to Lexmark Support rule that’s called as “Service Fuser Error”.

For to get rid of Lexmark Printer error 920 Lexmark Support suggestion is :

1)Just power – off the printer for couple of minute and then

2)Restart the printer if still problem persists, then

3)Reinstall the “Lexmark printer fuser “and recheck there is no paper stuck in the machine

4) If reinstallation of Lexmark Fuser not solve your issue then relace it

Lexmark Support Solution Link for Service Fuser Error :


  • Lexmark Printer Error: “900 Firmware Error, Error 900.0, Error 900.43, or similar”

Lexmark printer face the Error like 900 Firmware, 900.0, 900.43 or similar whenever there is communication issue occurs between the printer and system or printer or printer and network.

So, for to solve that issue Lexmark support suggested some steps:

  • Turn off the printer and disconnect all cables except the power cord. 
  • Turn on the printer, if still problem is there.
  • Download and install the updated Lexmark Firmware
  • If Still issue is there then visit the Lexmark support page or contact the Technical person

Lexmark Support link for Error 900:


  • Lexmark Printer Error:” Standard Bin Full” or “Remove Paper Standard Bin”

That message display when the standard bin on top of your Lexmark printer is either full, or when your printer thought that it’s full. If it the standard bin is not filled with paper, then follow these Lexmark support methods to get rid of that error:

1)Turn off the Lexmark printer, then remove the cover which one is above the roller, the taller part of printer

2) Now, the left side of the printer, you will see the exit button, which looks like small arm. The exit flag figure looks like hangs straight down. If the standard bin error message occurs, the exit flag is probably not in place.

3) Carefully place the Flag to their right place and then close the cover again.

4)Turn on your Lexmark Printer, the error should be resolved now.

Lexmark Support link for “Standard bin full”:

lexmark printer drivers
  • Lexmark Error: “Load MP Feeder”

According to Lexmark Support the “Load MP Feeder” display whenever you need to load paper in frontloading multipurpose feeder.

If you want to feed your MP feeder then you need to load more number of paper in front loader. If still the error occurs after feeding the paper then that’s happened because of loss of sensor flog or bad sensor there is one more suggestion is there by Lexmark Support :

1)Check sensor flag is hanging down and resting on the paper.

2)If it is replace from its position, then bring it back to its place or renew it to get rid of the “Load MP Feeder” error message.

3) Or if you don’t to feed the paper in MP feeder and still getting error message then change the default paper setting and try again.

Lexmark Support Link for MP feeder Error:

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