How do I fix my Lexmark printer?

There is a lot of error that you might face while using the Lexmark printer. These errors need to be fixed on an urgent basis to keep your printer well. We have found a list of the most common Lexmark printer error as given below.

  1. ‘Document failed to print’ when the printer is unable to print.
  2. Error 200 or Error 200.xx’ or ‘Paper Jam’ issue.
  3. Lexmark Printer ‘Error 920.06’ or ‘Service Fuser Error’.
  4. Lexmark Printer ‘900 Firmware Error’ or ‘Error 900.00’ or ‘Error 900.43’ anything similar.
  5. Standard Bin Full or ‘Remove Paper Standard Bin’
  6. Load MP Feeder’ or the “Error 1203”

Now, let us deal with the above-described errors in detail. We will start with the very first error.

Lexmark Printer

Lexmark Printer Quick Fix: –

The printer is not responding to the print request is one of the most common issues that most users face these days. There may have various reasons that your printer is not able to respond in the way you want. If there is any communication failure between your Lexmark Printer and the wireless device then your printer will not behave appropriately.

Lexmark Printer Support- Troubleshooting tips

  • ‘Document failed to print’ when the printer is unable to print.
  • The Lexmark Printer and the computer should be connected to the network.
  • A simple restart can fix the issue so you need to restart the printer once.
  • Check if there is any paper stuck in the machine. Check the printer toner as well is it installed correctly or not.
  • Unplug the printer for some time and leave it disconnected for some time.
  • At last, uninstall and reinstall your Lexmark Printer on the computer.
  1. Lexmark Printer ‘Error 200’ or ‘Error 200.xx’ or ‘Paper Jam’ issue

This is a very common error message that we usually face in our Lexmark Printer. This type of issue is related to paper jam under the cartridge of the toner. The paper might also be jammed in front of the printer. To resolve this error you need to remove the jammed or stuck paper inside the printer cartridge or tonner. To do so, open the Lexmark Printer upper front cover and take out the toner cartridge.  Now you can remove the paper from inside the printer.

  1. Lexmark Printer ‘Error 920.06’ or ‘Service Fuser Error’.

The most common error related to service fuser is ‘Error 920.06’. It is generally displayed as ‘Service Fuser Error’ on the display of your computer. This type of error is also followed by any one of the following error codes;

“920, 921, 922, 923, 924, or 925”

Such types of error codes indicate that there is trouble with the unit installed on your Lexmark Printer. To get rid of such issues, you should power cycle your Lexmark Printer and the computer and leave it turned off for some time. After a few minutes power on your devices and see if the issues are resolved or not. If it is still facing the same issue then you should reinstall the printer from your computer.

  1. Lexmark Printer, ‘900 Firmware Error’ or ‘Error 900.00’ or ‘Error 900.43’ anything similar.

When you are facing any issue related to the communication gap between your devices then you get such an error on your computer. You should check whether the printer is getting such an error while acquiring information from your network and a computer. In this case, your first step should be to access the Lexmark Printer support team.

If the error ‘900   while your Lexmark Printer is not associated with the network, then there is a problem with the hardware network or with the technical issue related to the connection.

To resolve such an issue, you have to power off the printer and unplug all the cables except the power cord. After a while, turns the printer on and sees if the error has been removed or not. If the error remains the same, then the printer requires service.

  1. Lexmark Printer ‘Standard Bin Full or ‘Remove Paper Standard Bin’

The most common error of your Lexmark Printer is ‘Standard Bin Full or ‘Remove Paper Standard Bin’. When your printer is full or the top of your Lexmark Printer is packed with unwanted stuff then you receive such errors as mentioned above. Check the output bin, if it is not filled with paper, and then check the following measures to resolve this issue.

Turn your Lexmark Printer off and remove the cover above the rollers given at the tallest part of the printer.

You can see an existing flag on the top of your printer. Usually, the exit flag is situated straight down but if the standard bin error appears, the exit flag has probably displaced.

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