Some Reasons: Why Lexmark Printer not connecting to Window 10

Yes! Lexmark printer is compatible with all types of Windows and iOS devices. You can connect and install your Lexmark printer driver with window 7, window 8, and window 10. There are few exceptions also. Like, window 10 does not recognize the Lexmark 7300 series which is an all-in-one printer. Still, if you have any issue, installing your Lexmark printer with any Windows computer, then follow some most important steps written here.

Reasons behind Lexmark Printer not connecting to Window 10

  • If your Lexmark printer is compatible with Windows 10 devices but unable to work out, then your printer might have corrupted.
  • Try to connect your printer with a different PC and check if you get connected or not.
  • Your PC might have a long browsing history which will be preventing the printer from connecting to the computer.
  • Delete caches, browsing history, and cookies before you proceed to the Lexmark driver installation with the computer.

Resolution 1: Lexmark Printer not connecting to Window 10->

  • Run the troubleshooting feature of your computer.
  • Tap on the start button from the computer’s window option.
  • Thereafter, click the control panel and go into the search bar.
  • Into the search bar, type troubleshooter, and then hit the troubleshooting course of action.
  • Go under the hardware and sound option and click the field marked ‘Use a Printer’.
  • Open up a printer troubleshooter section and resolve the entire problem.

Resolution 2: Lexmark Printer not connecting to Window 10->

I would suggest all Lexmark printer driver users uninstall their current printer drivers and then try to install the latest driver in compatible mode. If you wish to install your Lexmark printer driver is compatible mode then follow the few steps listed here;

  • Right-tap on the printer driver installation files, and then chose the option properties.
  • After clicking on the properties tab, click on the compatibility tab.
  • Check in the run that this program is in compatibility mode or not.
  • Click and tap the drop-down box and then select your device operating system.
  • After that, tap or click the OK button.
  • You should now try installing your Lexmark driver and then verify if you can install it.

How do I install a Lexmark Printer Driver with Window 10?

Lexmark Printer is a leading manufacturing company of printers. The printers designed and delivered by this company are quite advanced and built with dynamic features. Lexmark printer driver tools enable the printer to perform any function smoothly on your computer either it is window 10, 8, 8.1, and so on. You should configure your device using the Lexmark drivers. If you have just bought a new Lexmark printer and wish to install your Lexmark printer driver with Window 10, then follow upcoming instructions;

Install your Lexmark Printer Driver on Window 10/8.1/7/XP

  1. Using any computer with the mentioned OS, open the following tabs one after another;
  2. Start Menu->Control Panel->Hardware and Sound->Next open Device and Printers.


  1. Directly enter the key option “Device and Printers” into the search bar of your operating system followed by the “Start Menu”.
  2. As your Windows operating system starts searching for the Lexmark printer driver, click the option “The printer that I haven’t listed”.
  3. In your next course of action, select and tap “Add a local Printer driver” or click “Network Printer with the Manual Settings”.
  4. In case, you have connected via an Ethernet cable, then go for the “Create a new port” option.
  5. As soon as the port list appears on your device screen, select “Standard TCP/IP Port” and then go for the next level.
  6. If you wish to select your Lexmark driver manually, and then tap on the checkbox showing “Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use”. You can even leave it on your window operating system to do the same.
  7. On the next page, enter the hostname and port number, and then you can click the NEXT tab.
  8. You may now see the window update page, click the “Windows Update” option.
  9. Once the update is completed, select your Lexmark printer along with the driver which you have installed just now.
  10. Give a name to your printer and then go for the next option.
  11. Finally, click on the “Set as a Default Printer”, and then go for a Lexmark Printer driver test to make sure that the Lexmark driver is configured in a more pop way.
  12. Click the finish tab, and hence your Lexmark Printer is ready to use.

lexmar support lexmark drivers

How do I connect my Lexmark Printer to the Computer?

For Window OS users

After installing your Lexmark printer driver on your windows operating system, connect the computer to your Lexmark Printer. For more information visit the Lexmark support team or call us at our toll-free numbers.

  • Open the section of Printer and scanners; afterward add a printer or scanner.
  • First of all, select and tap “Show WIFI Direct Printers” and now choose the printer WIFI direct name.
  • Take note of the appeared eight-digit PIN of the printer from your printer display board.
  • Enter the received code on the computer. Now, your printer has been connected to your Lexmark Printer Driver.

For Macintosh OS users

  • Click the wireless icon on your Mac and then hit the printer WIFI direct Name.
  • The strong DIRECT-xy should be addressed before the WIFI direct name.
  • Here x and y are any two random characters. Now, you will type the WIFI direct password.
  • After getting disconnected from the WIFI direct network name, switch your computer back to its previous network settings.

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