Lexmark Printer- Compact performance with Non-stop productivity

Lexmark printer is a private authorized American company that manufactures and develops laser printers and imaging products. These are the multi-functioning printers suitable for small groups and compact business class. Lexmark printers are able to deliver higher performance at a lower price. Whether your business fills a room or spread throughout the globe, Lexmark provides the imaging solutions, services, and technologies you want to succeed.

  1. Lexmark Printers | Good for small and Medium Business

If you long to have a versatile and multipurpose printer either for individuals or for workgroups Lexmark printers are the ever best product for you. Lexmark Printers can print 2500 to 10,000 pages per month.

  1. Suitable for Enterprise and Large Business

Lexmark printers are built with advanced and high-capacity processors to support teams of 25 or more people that print up to 6, 000 pages in a month. It’s also suitable for your small budget business.

  1. Genuine Supplies and Accessories

Lexmark delivers a superior and genuine quality product. It also produces high volume and low-cost print for each page. You will be happy to see its superior image quality and clarity in each word.

How do I connect to my Lexmark Printer?

Before you connect, have the following in your hands

  • Cables to connect the printer
  • Unbox the Printer
  • Computer
  • An active Internet connection

Connect your Lexmark printer to WIFI

In order to associate your Lexmark printer to a WIFI network, you should have the required login credentials, such as the username and password of your wireless network. If you don’t know the default login credentials of your existing WIFI network, check the label. Most wireless routers have a label on them. The label of your wireless router carries the username and password which are also known as default credentials. You can also find it in the documentation of your router.

Steps to install Lexmark printer on WIFI

  • Switch on the printer by connecting its power cord to a wall outlet.
  • You must have received a setup CD with your Lexmark printer, insert it into your computer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions after clicking the install option.
  • Select wireless network whenever prompted.
  • Select guided setup on the “Wireless Configuration dialog.
  • Use the provided USB cable to connect your printer to the computer. It is a temporary connection.
  • As the Lexmark printer is configured, the setup will automatically instruct you to

Lexmark Printer setup having Mac restrictions

In case your Lexmark printer has Mac restrictions, you won’t be able to connect to the WIFI network. Here the steps that will take you out of this problem;

  1. Look carefully at the back of your printer. You will find a Lexmark printer support label affixed.
  2. The label contains a Mac ID and password. It is also called a physical address.
  3. Log in and visit your router admin console.
  4. Find and click Wireless>the Wireless Mac Filtering
  5. Write some description about your Lexmark printer support and enter the Mac ID.
  6. Enable the status box and then click the SAVE button to apply your settings.

Steps to install Lexmark Printer on Macintosh

  1. Connect the power cord to a wall outlet of the Lexmark printer and power it on.
  2. Locate the Mac address of your printer as described in the above section or follow the steps given below
  3. From the home screen of your Lexmark printer navigate to Reports > and then Network Page
  4. Visit the Network Card section, and look for UAA> then Access the Airport options on the Mac
  5. Go into the Apple Menu; navigate the search bar to System Preferences -> Network -> Airport
  6. Select print server as [yyyyyy] in the network pop-up window, where yyyyyy are the last six digits of your Mac address
  7. You should Open a browser now and from the bookmarks menu, select the option ‘Show all bookmarks.’
  8. Land under COLLECTIONS, select Bonjour and then double-tap the name of your printer
  9. From the Embedded Web Server, browse to the details of the wireless settings
  10. Type the network name (SSID) in the appropriate field
  11. In the Network mode setting select Infrastructure and then select the type of security that you wish to have.
  12. Enter the required security details for the printer to connect to your WIFI network and then click Submit
  13. Again, go to the Apple Menu and navigate to System Preferences > Network > then Airport
  14. Select the name of your wireless network from the Network menu,

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