Troubleshooting Lexmark printer problems and Lexmark printer not printing anything

Follow these steps to troubleshooting Lexmark printer problems and to get over Lexmark printer not printing anything issues:

 Lexmark printer shows turning offline error

If your Lexmark printer shows a turning offline error issue then follow Lexmark printer troubleshooting steps foe to get over that:

  • Check the connection of your Lexmark printer
  1. The user should have to have checked the connectivity, to get sure once again unplug and plug-in the power socket and then turn on the power button.
  2. Check the USB cable connection with your Lexmark printer, is it well connected or discrepancy is there, Connect the USB cable is well mannered
  • Update the printer driver either that’s will happen automatically or you have to do it manually
  • Now, try to check the status of your printer by turn the power switch on/off
  • The final step is to restart the printer spooler device by pressing the windows icon with R and press the P button faster to display the spooler items.
Paper gets Stuck in Lexmark Printer | paper jams Issues

Most of the users face the issue of the paper jam. Try to search alternative for to troubleshoot that issue. Are you still waiting for Lexmark printer troubleshooting paper jams solution then follow these steps:

  • Simply remove the paper tray and check either any paper piece stuck in the printer if it’s there then remove that paper
  • Now, open the front cover and remove the print cartridge assembly
  • Set all in a good manner and press the continue button to continue the printing process
Lexmark printer not printing anything

If you input some paper for print out and that printer will not serve output as in the same manner as you input then there is no use of that printer then we can say that there is a Lexmark printer not printing anything issue available. So, to get over that issue follow troubleshooting Lexmark printer steps:

  • Open your system connected with the Lexmark printer click on the Start button and then go to the control panel 
  • Search computer management in the search button and click on that appearing button
  • Tab on the Printer spooler option and then restart that service and again try to do your printing job

How to solve the print head error issue

For to solve the print head error issue you have to follow the steps of the Lexmark printer troubleshooting printhead method:

  • Clean the print head section by following these steps:
  1. For the delete, the print head click on button Wrench
  2. Scroll down the button to repair 
  3. Click ok
  4. Lift the latches and open the Lexmark printer
  5. Move the print head to the upper side
  6. Clean all contacts of the print head
  7. Wipe all contacts and reinsert them 
  8. Cover it up
Lexmark Printer

If still issue is there then downloading the latest firmware driver from the official site of Lexmark printer. And submit that file in the product field and update that and then click on submit button

In the section of troubleshooting Lexmark e260dn printer or Lexmark pinnacle pro901 printer troubleshooting, You just have to follow all the above-mentioned steps but make sure these points too:

  • Make sure that Lexmark e260dn printer or Lexmark pinnacle pro901 printer driver installed successfully in their respective printer model
  • Check while performing the printing and scanning job we select that driver only or not
  • Make sure their all feature successfully get installed or not
  • Now, reset the print setting of the Lexmark e260dn printer or Lexmark pinnacle pro901 printer and then start your printing work again

So, through these all troubleshooting steps you get acknowledge about troubleshooting Lexmark printer problems and Lexmark printer not printing anything still want to explore more in this troubleshooting Lexmark printer problems then visit Lexmark printer official site and get the best suggestions for troubleshooting issues of printer.

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